Peer review process

If the submitted article meets the criteria for publication in a journal, the editor invites experts to review. The submitted papers always go through two independent reviewers. Our medical journal uses a double-blind process. Authors and reviewers' identities are kept anonymous during the review process. After receiving the article by the editors, the editors must revise the manuscript so that reviewers do not reveal the identity of the authors either directly or indirectly. Before submitting to a review, the editor removes all identification data from the manuscript, such as the names of the authors or their affiliation. When referring to the previous work of the authors in the manuscript, the citation is written in the form of a third person. All tables and pictures, sources of funding are checked so that they do not contain any relationship to the author. The peer reviewer evaluates the methodology, validity of the data and recommends changes.  An anonymous review report is sent to the authors if they need other changes. After the necessary adjustments, reviewers or the editor re-evaluate the article after editing and decide whether they get accepted, returned for rework or rejected. The editor’s decision is final.


Other Modes of Review, such as Statistical Editing 

Each submitted article containing statistical data is revised by an editor who invites the author to deliver complete data if they are not supplied in the manuscript to verify their credibility. More complex data are further revised either by the Department of Bio-Statistical Analysis of Slovak Medical University or by the external expert of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava.

Accepted articles

Upon accepting an article, the editorial office will aspire to publish it as soon as possible. Prior to publication, the corresponding author will receive the article in PDF form for the final revision of the text, tables, charts, and pictures. Substantial changes are only possible with the editor’s approval.